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product-img believes that product transparency is the missing piece of sustainability. We need to educate consumers so that they can make informed decisions about which products they support.

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How do we define green requirements?

We have created a three-tiered system of sustainability reporting which complies with the ISO 14000 sustainability series.


Level 1 Minimum Requirements: are self-reported sustainability claims based on ISO 14021. These claims are made and verified by the manufacturer and declared to customers through our site based on publicly available data. specializes in helping businesses create ISO 14021 compliant marketing materials through our consulting services. The minimum requirements are:


Requirement One: Over 50% Locally Grown + Harvested within 1,000km of Manufacturing facility. This includes all consumable and non-consumable items and packaging. Materials which are completely recycled, upcycled or rapidly renewable (e.g. hemp, jute, bamboo) are exempt.


Requirement Two: Over 50% Recycled or Upcycled Materials. This includes all non-consumable items and packaging. Materials which are completely harvested within 1,000km are exempt.


Requirement Three: No Harmful Chemicals. Products and packaging must not contain any of the items listed on our requirements page, unless they are naturally occurring in trace amounts.


Requirements Four: Packaging that is easily sorted into glass, metal, plastic, paper or compostable waste streams. Packaging that can be refilled by the manufacturer is exempt.


Level 2 Third Party Rating Systems (ISO 14025 and ISO 14040): ISO 14025 claims are verified by third parties on behalf of manufacturers. Examples include “USDA Certified Organic” , “Non-GMO Project Certified” or “Recycled Content”.


ISO 14040 claims can also include Environmental Product Declaration information such as net-carbon, energy and water consumption using our registered label. Envirodec has a list of consultants who can help your team create these documents.


Note that is not a third party rating system or verifier.


Level 3 Green Commitments: These are Level 1 ISO 14021 claims that have been standardized by our team to help businesses more effectively communicate their green actions. Each area of manufacturing (produce, animals, electronics, restaurants, etc.) has a set of three rules which cover many sustainability issues typically ignored by common ISO 14025 systems.


Why do we insist manufacturers list the source locations of their ingredients?

Many companies will not disclose the source of their ingredients. Considering the potentially devastating effects that farming resources in arid or politically charged areas can have, we at think this is unacceptable.


We think that people want to know where their stuff comes from. We integrate with Google MyMaps so that businesses who choose to show where their products come from can do so easily and maintain up-to-date materials without having to log-in to See our example map for a kombucha product below.


Why do you make manufacturers explain how to recycle their product?

Companies often let you assume that their product is recyclable when it really isn’t.


By making manufacturers answer this simple question it makes them think about how their consumers will actually return or recycle a product when it’s life cycle is over. We must commend on their work to recycle products which are typically discarded via mail, including hard-plastics (e.g. toys), water filters and cigarette butts! Their products have a high rate of actually being turned into usable products so check them out!


ECO-LOCALS.COM DISCLAIMER: All claims displayed on this website are made based on manufacturer documentation and cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of these claims. All ads on our site are monitored by our team however the ultimate accuracy of all information is the responsibility of the manufacturer. We do our best to teach businesses how to report sustainability through ISO standardized systems which help reduce the vague claims many products are making.


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