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Sign up for a box full of ridiculously delicious, homemade local & probiotic food, delivered to  your door every month to tickle your taste buds and support your optimal gut health! Or buy a “Winter Storage Box” to tide you over until next season!


WHAT KINDA FERMENTS are we talking here?

– probiotic sodas

– saurkraut

– kimchi

– pickles

– kefir water

– Probiotic Pesto

– fermented hot sauce

– gut shot health elixirs

– salad dressings

– et cetera…..


What is an Alive & well subscription box and how does it work?

​An alive & well subscription box is a box full of delicious live-cultured food and probiotic sodas, delivered monthly to your doorstep! It is similar to a C.S.A. model in that you pay the whole subscription cost upfront. Unlike other common subscription boxes where you receive a box of products from a variety of  companies, everything that is in the alive & well subscription box is made by Marley, with love – especially for you. With the purchase of a subscription you also get exclusive monthly newsletters from Marley with recipes and stories of her probiotic adventures and 20% off our CATERING, COOKING CLASSES and WORKSHOPS.


​How much does it cost?

The alive & well subscription box costs 650$ for the whole season which works out to just over 100$ per month including delivery, newsletters, videos, recipes and other surprises! There is also the option to get a half share subscription for the season which costs 425$ including delivery. In the half share, you still get 6 boxes delivered every month throughout the season, you just receive half portions of everything. If you jump in the season after June, contact me (or check the homepage) for a pro-rated price for the remaining months.​How long is the subscription?The 2018 subscription lasts 6 months  from June 2018 until November 2018


​How many ferments will I get each month?

An alive and well subscription box is an adventure! The amounts, recipes and flavors will change with the local season, depending on what is fresh and because of this (and because it is fun!) there is no set menu – which is part of the experience! – however, you can trust that there will be plenty to go around and share with friends…well, if you are feeling generous…


Here is an example of what you might get in a monthly box:​

– 1 L of  hascap kombucha

– 1 L of pear ginger Kefir water

– 1 L of peach Jun

– 1 L of dill pickles

– 500ml of spicy pickled beans

– 1 L of kimchee

– 500ml of lemon dill sauerkraut

– 1 L of organic blueberry kefir

– 1 L maple miso salad dressing

– 2 X 250ml of live cultured hot sauce​


**If you are interested in the HALF share option, you would be getting half portions of the above

**​Where do you deliver to?

The Alive and well headquarters is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We deliver to anyone in Ottawa and can arrange other pickup/ delivery options if you are in the surrounding areas.

If you are somewhere else in Ontario, Quebec or even far far away and would like to try some of our ferments, we might be able to swing something – you never know – send us a message!​

Check out the Alive and well resources page for videos, articles and books about the benefits of fermented foods!


How does this product meet the minimum green requirements?

This product has been added by team members.


>50% Locally Sourced and Manufactured Ingredients

It appears that most ingredients are sourced locally from Ottawa area farmers.


>50% Recycled or Upcycled Materials (Inc. Packaging)

It appears that most packaging is made from glass and aluminum which typically have high recycled content. Some containers are plastic. It is not clear what the documented recycled content for each component is.

No harmful ingredients

It appears that all goods are made with non-toxic food grade ingredients and do not contain any restricted materials identified in our requirements.


How do you recycle this ?

Most packaging appears to be recyclable in the glass, metal and plastic bins available in most cities. The glass mason jars appear to be high quality and can be reused in-house for a long time.


Does this company meet any additional Green Commitments?

This product has been added be team members. It appears that Manufacturing, Farming (General) and Farming (Produce) would be applicable green commitment areas but it is not clear if any of the commitments are met.


What are the ingredients?

Ingredient in a meal box vary though most appear to be locally grown produce. Confirm with manufacturer.


NOTE ON ECO-LOCALS.COM EXEMPTION: All claims are made based on manufacturer documentation and cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of these claims.



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