Fauna is about the things we love: eating and drinking with friends and family in a fun space. We love the neighborhood and the space and are so happy to be open in Centretown.


How does this product meet the minimum green requirements?

This product has been added by eco-locals.com team members.


>50% Locally Sourced and Manufactured Ingredients

Our menu is seasonally driven and we support local farmers and producers wherever possible.


50% Upcycled or Recycled Packaging

It is unclear what materials they use for their take out containers.


No harmful ingredients

Fauna does not appear to use any harmful ingredients in their food.


How do you recycle this ?

It is unclear what materials they use for their take out containers. Consider asking if you can bring your own container for take-out.


Does this company meet any additional Eco-locals.com Green Commitments?

This product has been added be eco-locals.com team members. It appears that Manufacturing, Farming (General) and Farming (Produce) would be applicable green commitment areas but it is not clear if any of the commitments are met.


What are the ingredients?

Ingredients vary by menu and season. Check their website for more details.


NOTE ON ECO-LOCALS.COM EXEMPTION: All claims are made based on manufacturer documentation and Eco-locals.com cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of these claims.



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