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We prepare everything on our own premises, using only ingredients of superb quality.  Our menus reflect a seasonal emphasis and local supply with as many organic products as we can source and grow. We now have delivery available through skip the dishes!


We make our food fresh daily from scratch. We do not have a set menu. Every morning we assess the supply of fresh produce, and create the menu based on what ingredients are in season and plentiful.


Many dishes are still based on the principle of macrobiotic diet. Our repertoire includes well over 1000 dishes, and we vary the menu daily.  However, you can always find popular dishes such as the broccoli tofu stir-fry, quiche, lasagna, spanakopita, and mashed potato-kale.


Our labeling conventions are to specifically mention when an item is organic, vegan, gluten-free, or contains dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, sesame. No sweetener is  used in soups, breads, hot dishes or salads.


How does this product meet the minimum green requirements?

This product has been added by team members.


>50% Locally Sourced and Manufactured Ingredients

It appears that most ingredients are locally harvested within 1,000km of their manufacturing facility and are rapidly renewable. The product appears to be manufactured directly in Ontario.


>50% Upcycled or Recycled Packaging

It is unclear where their packaging comes from but their website states it is compostable and recyclable. Their website states that you can bring in your own container to fill-up.


No harmful ingredients

Food items prepared do not appear to contain any harmful ingredients.


How do you recycle our containers?

This restaurants states that their take out containers are recyclable and compostable. Their website states that you can bring in your own container to fill-up.


Does this company meet any additional Green Commitments?

This product has been added be team members. It appears that Farming (General) and Farming (Produce) would be applicable green commitment areas but it is not clear if any of the commitments are met.


What are the ingredients?

Ingredients appear to be seasonally farmed in the Ontario region. Check their website for extremely detailed information about our ingredients.


NOTE ON ECO-LOCALS.COM EXEMPTION: All claims are made based on manufacturer documentation and cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of these claims.



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