Upcycled CD Earrings


Created out of Hack613 Ottawa Maker Space, a place for local artists to learn and create. Be sure to check out the maker space at and more of our creations at We provide training on many cool things like laser engravers so come and learn to use these cool machines!


The Canada Flag earrings are 12$. The Guitar Pick earrings are 18$. The Tree of Life earrings are 28$. We have many other designs so check out our buy-now link!


How does this product meet the minimum green requirements?

>50% Locally Sourced and Manufactured Ingredients

We collected CDs and used vinyl from the Ottawa area and upcycle it into these cool earrings. Note that the earring hardware (the piece that goes in your ear) is off the shelf from a manufacturer so it’s essentially brand new. The CDs and Vinyl are then carved using  our CNC machine.


50% Recycled or Upcycled Materials (Inc. Packaging)

Earrings which use new metals and plastics can have a lot of energy embodied in them. Our earrings are just as beautiful and incredibly green due to our efficient manufacturing process and upcycled materials!

The packaging itself is made from old paper from albums.


No harmful ingredients

Note on exemption. CDs contain aluminum, polycarbonate plastic and lacquers. However due to the upcycled nature of this product, and the fact that using this product keeps harmful materials from breaking down in our landfills, this requirement has been exempted.


How do you recycle this ?

CDs can be recycled at using media storage collection kits. Most large electronics retail stores will have a drop-off station you can use.


Does this company meet any additional Green Commitments?

This product has been added be team members. It appears that Manufacturing green commitment areas would be applicable but it is not clear if any of the commitments are met. Applicable commitments would include,


What are the ingredients?

Paper is used for the packaging. Hardware is new silver. Decals are made from upcycled vinyl and/or CDs.


NOTE ON ECO-LOCALS.COM EXEMPTION: All claims are made based on manufacturer documentation and cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of these claims.



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